Photo: CCA Meeting Members- 1974 Racine, Wisconsin

On February 2, 1970 an Association of Carmelite Nuns was formed in the United States. The primary aim and purpose of this association is to deepen and develop the Teresian contemplative life in the contemporary church and world. In virtue of their common source, vocation and mission in the church, the member monasteries through corporate effort, study, and sharing, seek to collaborate in the work of renewal and adaptation.

Now called Carmelite Communities Associated, CCA, this association grew out of a desire to respond to the Holy See’s repeated directions regarding federation of contemplative communities; more immediately it has grown out of our increasing desire for greater unity and collaboration.

In the strength of this unity it is our hope and purpose to provide an atmosphere of respect, support, and encouragement to one another.

CCA 2020 Goals

1. We have fostered a broader acceptance of unity in diversity and the mutuality of the Carmelite family, especially by continued collaboration and communion among associations/federations at home and abroad.

2. We have continued to work at achieving a representative voice in matters affecting our lives, the Teresian charism, and the Order.

3. We have developed and empowered our members to be future leaders of and/or contributors to CCA.

4. We have continued to provide active, mutual support to the identified needs of our communities, in particular, sisterly visits of each member community by the Leadership Team or delegates in the next term…